Sunday, January 22, 2012

Waste not. Want not.

In a recent post, I told you how I had found a new love - that of Pinterest. I can officially say I'm an addict.

My daughter now cringes whenever I pick up an empty cereal box. She quickly catches the dreamy look in my eye as I scan those once-seemingly worthless items.

"Mom, you're going to make it all pretty and do something from Pinterest again, aren't you?" she says with disdain.

"Maaaaybe." I coyly reply. Truth is, you can BET I am going to do something crafty with it.

In just the past two weeks alone, I have set up a "command center" in my kitchen, developed a breakfast system for the kids, improved the libary book storage situation in our home, and created a variety of storage containers from metal cans, cardboard boxes, scrapbook paper and Modge Podge.

Holy moly, I love Modge Podge. It's the stuff miracles are made of, really. My latest project was spelling out "Family" on some 38 cent clearanced tiles at Lowe's with a simple black and white printer and some of that glorious Modge Podge.

Is it a sickness? Perhaps. But I feel like a thrifty genius.

I did gain some much-needed perspective the other day, though. I found a great tutorial on how to make an adorable fabric storage bin from a diaper box. I even pictured the perfect place for it to rest in my home. So off to the fabric store I went, only to do a little math and realize even the CLEARANCED fabric was going to cost me more than if I just went to the shelf and bought an already-assembled fabric storage bin. It was like someone slapped me across the face.

"Hey Max! Duh, wake up, girl. You're going to spend at least one frustrating hour making this thing, which may or may not turn out like you imagine and it's gonna cost you at least 25-30% more for the materials. Don't be a fool."

Okay, I'll tuck the diaper box away and wait until I find a screamin' clearanced deal on the right kind of fabric. Can't be hasty in my efforts to not be wasty. :)

It's funny though how I view all the items that come into my home now. It's as if I was injected with a recycling serum. For example, tonight my kids finished off the mandarin oranges we bought this week. I picked up the container to pitch it, and the weight of it caught my attention. After I peeled off the paper and plastic I discovered it was actually a pretty cool little wooden crate.

Hmmmm...the wheels started turning.

My daughter rolled her eyes at me.

But I reminded her that she never knows when something I find may become a piece of furniture for her American Girl doll...and wouldn't you know it - her disposition did a 180.

"Reeally, Mom?" she said excitedly.

Shoot, I've only been on Pinterest for a month or so. Imagine what great joys lie ahead as new projects come to me in future weeks, months and years.

She won't be so quick to judge when she gets her license someday and she's zipping around town in her sweeeet sports car that I crafted from pallets, her old booster seat and some thrift store finds!

Go ahead, somebody. Pin that one. I'll be waiting.