Sunday, February 26, 2012

Please THINK before it's in INK.

We, as a human race, are just plain odd. We do weird stuff. And worse yet, we publish it.

Every Sunday, we open the newspaper and flip through the local "Celebrate" section - a place for people to send in announcements and congratulatory sentiments. As is typical in our house, we're searching for people we may know.

This week's edition doesn't disappoint. We see the son of some people we know has tied the knot - albeit, a year ago. Okay, so they procrastinated that wedding announcement a tad. No biggie.

But then eyes shift across the page to the engagement announcement of a lovely young couple. It doesn't take long for the names to sink in and make us laugh. In this case, it's highly unlikely the blushing bride will take her husband's name. If she did, her name would become Lindsey Lindsey. That's right. Lindsey is marrying a young man who has a last name that matches her first.


Okay, we move on. To a sweet 16-year-old who probably won't forgive her parents. EVER.

The line below her picture? "Look who's old enough to date!"


I'm sure she's THRILLED that her parents announced that particular piece of information to the world. Way to go, Mom and Dad. Nothing says "Happy Birthday, I love you" like a little public humiliation.

And finally, we turn to the last page and set our eyes on a "If found, please call..." announcement. It seems innocent enough. A picture of a dog - the beloved family pet. And we assume old Fido ran off and needs to be found.

Uh, nope. After we read the text, we look a little closer at that photo.

That ain't Fido.

That's a "replica" - a statue, people! - of Fido.

Yes. That's right. This family wants the statue of their dog, or maybe it's the stuffed version of their dog - I don't know, I'm just repulsed by the creature/figurine/thingy - to be returned.

If that thing was in my house, I would find a way to make it "lost," too. Yikes!

Oh well. At least these kinds of announcements make you forget about the typical frightening picture of someone's Uncle Louie dressed like one of the Village People holding a cake iced with, "Lordy, Lordy, Looks Who's 40?"

Louie, at least you're not dead and stuffed. After all, we might lose ya.

Monday, February 6, 2012

A Tour of My Pinterest Treasures!

By now you know my love for Pinterest. Just to prove I'm not just a bystander, I do actually make stuff I find on Pinterest. This blog is a small gallery of what I've created...some of it is not bad, some is a slightly worse representation of what I actually found on Pinterest, but I'm generally happy with it anyway.

First up, I had a NEED to get organized. On Pinterest, I found a Kitchen Command Center that began with a kitchen desk that resembled my own, so the wheels started turning. Our kitchen desk becomes the victim of crap abuse like no other. It's where mail is dumped, school papers are lost stacked, and everything from tape measures and stray screws get tossed.

So I grabbed some essentials from the dollar store and the big discount traps stores and decided to build my own Kitchen Command Center. I found inspiration from this site:

I also bought another roll of labels for my labelmaker that has been collecting dust because I ran out of tape for it years ago. Unfortunately I probably could have bought an entirely new labelmaker for what that tape cartridge set me back. Good grief. Anyway, here we go...

The blue thingy on the bottom is full of markers, glue sticks and crayons so my kids can just haul out the whole thing when they need to get creative. It keeps it all contained and everyone's happy. Particularly Mom. And we like to keep Mom happy, right? Above that is a bin with markers that are used less often (aka, NOT washable - those scented ones and some other messy kind my preschooler brought home from somewhere). It also houses colored pencils and extra crayons. (We have way too many crayons. But I've seen plenty of Pinterest ideas on how to use crayons to make stuff, so I have big plans...) And the top shelf is for flashlights. It was full when I finished this project, and then my husband immediately took out the three he likes and put them elsewhere, so I was left with a big bin for a few small flashlights the kids use from time to time if they're building a fort, or have a sleepover. Oh well, at least we know where to find them. My husband will probably be asking me someday where his went...
Finally, on the cabinet door I attached the Honey-Do list and random keys.
I covered an old bulletin board in fabric that matched my kitchen color scheme, and covered file folders with coordinating scrapbook papers for the kids spelling lists, class newsletters, etc. The cabinet above all that houses more stuff in bins - glue, tape, permanenet markers, that sort of thing. The red box thingy on the door is just a Wheat Chex box covered in scrapbook paper and then stuck to the door with command strips (LOVE those things) - below is the Pinterest example I stole copied.

 Pinned Image

I also found this cute little caddy doo-dad at Target for pencils and you see that little drawer under the post-its? It's my favorite part. It is the catch-all for random earring backs, thumbtacks, safety pins or any other odd tiny thing that I just don't feel like taking to its proper home at the moment.
These next two photos represent an idea that wasn't entirely from Pinterest. Covering cardboard in scrapbook paper and hooking it to the inside of my cabinet certainly was, but the breakfast idea actually came from a friend who is a genius parent. She has four kids so she has to have some order or there is no civility. I got really, REALLY tired of my kids choosing their own breakfasts every morning, whining about not knowing what to eat, turning me into a short-order cook scrambling to get them off to school on time. I'm proud to say, this breakfast-picking is no longer an issue. Each child is assigned a day and they get to pick the breakfast. I have several options for them, as you can see in the photo. They choose what they want, I know what to pull together in the morning, and they are responsible for setting the table and getting the items they are capable of retreiving to the table.
 It's been a big help, and although occasionally we hear the whine of, "I don't want this" - they are quickly told their turn is only a day or two away, so the whining subsides. For the most part, they haven't gone to school starving.
My kitchen window has never been much of a focal point - just some miniblinds that I never even lower. Then I saw the tutorial for how to make Roman Shades with miniblinds and I was smitten. Tutorial here: 

Here are my new shades partly closed:
 This is the bottom edge of the fabric, some pretty silver trim but you don't see it unless the shade is lowered completely. Bummer.
 This is how it typically looks because I never really need to lower this shade.
But not bad, eh?

This next project is one of my favs. Partly because it was so crazy cheap, but also because it looks so good! I happened upon some clearanced 38 cent tiles at Lowes and decided to implement another Pinterest idea. I printed the letters on a basic laser printer, cut them out and modge podged those babies to the tiles and voila! Instant decor! (just a side note - those black candleholders to the left of my creation were a thrift store find - beat up and an ugly color, but a little black spray paint later and they look brand new! The candles themselves were Target clearance items. SCORE!)

Of course Pinterest is a life-saver for holiday ideas. These adorable pencils - made from rolos and candy kisses - will go to my kids' teachers for Valentine's Day. I just love 'em. (The pencils and the teachers.)

This next photo is a quick little project I did with a big can of pears. Once I cleaned out the can, I modge podged scrapbook paper to it - it's a texured paper, too so it is pretty cool. I have a bunch of old denim I've been using for projects, and one of the pantlegs worked well to line this little bucket and make a fun catch-all. Currently it is home to some stuff I need to get to some friends, so I guess it's my "OUT" basket for now. It may have a new purpose later.
Finally, I will share a fun idea I found that I thought would make a nifty gift idea for a young boy. Turns out my nephew was turning 8 the weekend after I found this on Pinterest so it became his gift! Here is the link where I snatched up the idea:
A tiny bit of sewing, gluing and a trip to Walmart & the dollar store later - I had a Super Hero Fort Kit. My kids love taking every blanket in the house and attaching them to TV trays, cushions and curtains with clothes pins, so I thought all the components of this kit were pure genius. Apparently my nephew's older brother thought the kit was more fab than he did, but I think he was hoping for Legos. Oh, well. Maybe he'll eventually decide putting together his Legos inside a fort could be even more fun???

So that's my gallery of projects for the most part. I have a few other odd items here and there, but I'm tired of uploading pics, to be quite honest. Besides, I have a vintage suitcase I rescued from the curb, a diaper box to transform into a fabric-covered storage box, and some curtain rods to work my magic on. I need to get to work! 

And I think I saw a tutorial for 101 ways to create amazing decor with shoebox lids. It just keeps getting better...