Wednesday, June 9, 2010

An Instant Winner...of more junk mail?

A couple random thoughts rolled through my brain today. Just thought I'd write about them.

Oh, humor me. My summer so far consists of breaking up unending sibling battles and coming up with snack number 42 for these ravenous rugrats. Doesn't really conjur up a lot of creativity.

Okay, so here goes...

Does anyone ever win those drawings you see in the mall, at furniture stores or in the supermarket?

You know, those big plexiglass boxes stuffed with small slips of paper identifying your name, phone number, address and email...basically everything short of your social security number because we're so sure we're due to win...this time.

I passed one in the mall today. It was a chance to win a riding lawnmower.


Someone's going to give that away?

I never hear of anyone actually winning these things.

The gigantic grill at the grocery store. The free flooring at the furniture warehouse.

I would think we'd catch wind of it if someone was genuinely taking these things home. But I never do, so I'm skeptical.

Personally, I think it is just a gimmick to get you to provide all your contact info so they can send you junk mail. I bet there is never any intention to award anyone with a big prize.

If I'm wrong, someone please tell me about how you're grilling tonight's steak on the grand prize from Central Market.

Wouldn't it bode well for your business to put a big ad in the paper showing a picture of the lucky winner? I never see those.

Even the casinos have figured out that angle. I see pictures of people in the paper all the time who won a thousand bucks at the local casinos. You know there are suckers everywhere rushing off to that casino to press their luck because they saw that ad.

The other thing that made me ponder our society's stupidity is a sign I saw in a large department store. Hung on the rack of some merchandise was a sign that read, "As seen on Oprah."

This is our buying incentive now? If it was on Oprah then we need to rush out and get it? I know the woman has a lot of influence, but seriously? What is wrong with us that we need an endorsement for our purchases by some insanely rich woman in Chicago?

I just don't get it. And I'll tell you right now, I'm not walking to the checkout with it.

So there you go. Just a couple things that made me stop in my tracks today and crinkle my eyebrows a bit.

Maybe I will fill out one of those slips to win something sometime. I'll just put Oprah's name on it. That is bound to make me an instant winner.

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