Monday, November 5, 2012

Tape your ID to your head. Please. Just do it.

Seriously, America. Grow up and be responsible.

Tomorrow is Election Day. But apparently that is just a suggestion.

Because a bunch of us are getting a free pass to take our sweet time to get our vote counted.

Here's what I read in a recent article about waiting for election results:
"Virginia typically has been fairly fast at counting ballots. But there's a new voter ID law in the state that could complicate things this year. Voters who don't bring identification to the polls still can have their ballots counted if they produce ID by Friday. If the race in Virginia is super tight, it could come down to those provisional ballots. On Election Night, no one will even know how many of them are out there."

To that I say, "WHAT?!?!"

Let me get this straight. So Virginia-ites can go trotting to the polls, vote, and then slap their heads as they say, "Oh! I forgot my ID! I'm sure I can get it to you by Friday. That's good, right?"

Last time I checked, when a person wants to leave the country they have to have a passport. The DAY they leave.

There is no, "Oh, you forgot your passport? Just be a dear and get it to us sometime when you get back, 'kay?"

Nope. Guess what? No passport? No leave-y the country.

But for an event that people have anticipated for FOUR YEARS and been reminded of CONSTANTLY for months through television ads, direct mail and yard signs galore...nope, that could possibly still not ring a bell that it is election day and they need to remember their ID.

You gotta be kidding me.

Now maybe the race in Virginia will be a landslide and those amnesia-stricken voters won't matter anyway, but I still don't think they should be allowed to have three extra days to show ID.

You have to be an adult to vote.

So if you're not adult enough to remember the most basic thing possible when you head to the polls, then someone should pull your "adult" status. Go back to Kindergarten and learn that "Everything I needed to know I learned in Kindergarten" list. I'm pretty sure, "Know your name and be able to prove it" is on that list somewhere.

I already suspect this election will come down to a handful of votes and there will probably be recount after recount to slow down the actual declaration of a winner, but it really shouldn't be because the American people are forgetful.

So, do me a favor, Virginia-onians. Go pick out your clothes for tomorrow and put your ID in the pocket. Right now. Go do it. Because I don't want to be waiting for results on Friday evening because you just didn't get around to showing that ID on time.

It's nearly as ridiculous as hanging chads. And nobody wants to go there.

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