Sunday, January 24, 2010

What It's Like to Be Purple For A Day

"Wonder if they'll find a way to blow it this time."

That's the remark I heard this afternoon shared by one guy to another as they discussed the upcoming Vikings game in the grocery line.

I guess that pessimism isn't completely unwarranted. The Vikings have caused blood pressures throughout the midwest to soar and fall on numerous occasions...only to be heartbroken by the final score.

I have to admit, it's tough not to catch that Vikings fever when you live around here.

I honestly think some of the fans really do bleed purple. And it's fun to watch my hometown's hero Jim Kleinsasser smackin' a guy or two around. Plus my heartstrings get tugged a bit as I read pre-game Facebook posts by Kleinsasser's Mom - that woman must have nerves of steel by now.

But still. She
IS a mother. Her nails must be chewed to the nub.

I really shouldn't do this to myself, but I plop down on the sofa and start watching the game -- secretly (after all, my devoted Raiders fan husband is never sad to see the Vikings lose) hoping those Vikings are headed to Miami.

Please, someone grab the blood pressure cuff.

Why am I letting this get the best of me??

Everything seems okay at first. The touchdowns are bouncing back and forth. But hey, it's okay. There's a lot of game left.

Until suddenly someone from Land O' Lakes decided it would be good advertising if each player in the Vikings offense held a stick of butter. Well, I'm assuming that's what happened. How else can you explain all those fumbles?

Ugh. Painful to watch.

But the blood pressure soars again as they seem to sneak in some good more hope that maybe, just maybe, the Super Bowl is in reach.

Then heartbreak.

Purple Pride just got punched in the gut.

I feel for the fans. (Hey, I cheer for the Raiders. We haven't seen anything remotely resembling a winning team in years. I know heartbreak in the NFL.)

But I feel bad for the players. Maybe not so much about the loss itself. But about the really pathetic interviews they must endure after the game.

"Tell us how you're feeling? Disappointed, I'm sure." (Uh, dude, you just answered your own question. No surprise, then, when all you get for an answer is, "Yeah.")

Or my personal favorite - the lady who interviewed Adrian Peterson outside the locker room. I think she may have been trying to score a date.

"You look really sad. Are you going to be okay?" she asks in a blubbery tone. For a second there, I thought she might give him a hug. The whole thing made me uncomfortable. Just let the guy go shower up and go home.

To some peace and quiet.

Good grief, that Superdome noise must have gotten so annoying. It was starting to irritate me and we don't even have that great of audio on our TV! I bet when those players finally got to a quiet corner they just breathed a sigh of relief.

Of course, they'll be thinking of all the "should have's" for the next six months. Or nursing aches and pains. Favre is gonna have some serious arthritis one day.

I say make the NFL like MLB. Let's play best of seven.

Yeah, I know. The old man would be playing game three from a wheelchair.

Thing is, he'd still be playing. The guy is a marvel.

Well, grocery-patron-man, I guess they did "blow it." But as deep as the pain is for Vikings fans, the pride is just as deep. Because you know by next Fall the fans will be geared up for another season of heart palpitations.

And as Favre responded in his post-game interview regarding sticking it out for another year, "I really enjoy the guys," he said. "I just wonder if I can hold up, especially after a day like today. Physically and emotionally, that was pretty draining.

It was pretty draining on all of us, Favre. Even for this Vikings-fan-for-a-day.


  1. I cheered for the Vikings, too. Hometown(ish) loyalty never really dies, does it?

    Oh well, as the Cubs fan in my house says, "There's always next year."

    Really enjoying your blog!


  2. You're right about that hometown loyalty. I guess growing up in a strong Vikings household, it can't help but get in your veins a little. :) They should be proud of themselves, though. I was continally amazed by how well they played this year. Even with all the turnovers, they still looked like the better team overall. Just couldn't catch a break at the end.