Saturday, December 3, 2011


I'll admit it. I love local television news.

Frankly, it cracks me up. Because sometimes it simply makes no sense.

Virtually every time I watch, there is something that makes me have to hit the rewind button because I can hardly believe my eyes/ears.

Now I'm not talking about getting a second look at a guy on-the-run from the police or even hearing a cute sound byte from an elementary kid.

I mean the did-I-just-see-what-I-think-I-saw-because-that-doesn't-fit aspect of a story.

For instance, the other night there was a story about day care centers specializing in care for special needs children. Very nice story concept, but the video they showed as the reporter spoke included shots of the young children playing...with a very large plastic bag.

"Keep out of reach of children. Suffocation hazard." comes to mind.

Somehow I don't think video like that conveys the message you want to send when attempting to advertise that you're willing to take in special needs kids.

I'm also a bit surprised at a story that ran tonight about some underprivileged kids who were able to go on a $50 shopping spree in Walmart, courtesy of our local police department.

Again, wonderful concept. Great warm and fuzzy story about our dear public servants giving back to the community.

But these are "underprivileged kids" according to the story.

And one child starts rattling off what she was able to get with her $50.

In the midst of her list, she says, "A DS game..."

Now, wouldn't that imply that the child has a DS at home?

I didn't realize underprivileged kids owned $150 electronic toys.

Maybe she got it to give as a gift? I'm going to give her the benefit of the doubt.

Otherwise, someone's definition of "underprivileged" is a bit off from mine. Which could very well be the case.

And finally, I'll end on probably the most mind-boggling news event that ever occurs in this great state of mine.

It's when - in this upper Midwestern community where we are no strangers to snow, wind chills and ice - the weather guy alerts us with a "Winter Weather Advisory."

Really? You have to advise me, on a December day, that I will be experiencing winter weather?

It goes without saying, doesn't it?

Uh, it's gonna be cold and likely it will snow.

Yes. That's pretty much the definition of winter here.

I love that they waste 4 minutes on it.

Fortunately, I've already re-wound a few stories back because I couldn't believe the little kid was actually running through the living room with a plastic bag...and that means I can fast-forward a bit.

Winter Weather Advisory only gets 30 seconds of my time.

But now we're in a commercial break.

And don't even get me started on some of those painful-to-watch local commercials.

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