Thursday, August 27, 2009

What's With All the Gore?

It's as if we are a society that can't learn anything unless we see something disgusting related to the poor choice/activity. What's up with that?!

For instance, I've watched that nasty video of the kids texting while driving that results in a horrific accident that you are "privileged" to watch every bloody detail.


And I just read that within the next 3 years, federal regulators plan to require tobacco companies to cover at least half of the front and back of packages with graphic—and possibly gruesome—images illustrating the dangers of smoking to help convince people to quit.

Really?! Is it going to HELP? Let's take a look at previous attempts: remember when the surgeon general warning was posted on cigarettes? Ooh, yeah, that really scared people into quitting. NOT. And then they jacked up the taxes and prices of cigarettes. Well, surely that should at least get the low-income people to stop smoking. Seems to me they had to make a choice between smoking or eating. They'll pay for the addiction before they'll pay for a meal.

So now the feds figure if they slap a gruesome picture of a cancer-ravaged mouth with rotting teeth on the pack it will make people stop smoking. It'd be nice if people would just stop smoking because of common sense, but I won't go down that road.

But if it does work..well, then, I need the yucky photo of a clogged artery or organs wrapped in fat to appear on my potato chip bag. Seriously. I could use some help with that one. I love me the chip.

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