Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Happy Subliminal Communications Month!

I'm always up for a party. In fact, I have to get crackin' on my daughter's birthday plans. She turns 7 in exactly one month and I have no clue what kind of party I'm doing. But apparently there are numerous holidays prior to that one to snag my attention.

A friend posted on Facebook today, "Happy Onam!" So I did what any other inquisitive soul does when they're online. I googled it.

It's an Indian holiday (she's married to an Indian man, so thus the celebratory status update). And according to Wikipedia (yeah, just call me Michael Scott), "Onam is the biggest festival in the Indian state of Kerala. Onam Festival falls during the Malayali month of Chingam (Aug - Sep) and marks the homecoming of legendary King Mahabali."

There you go. Don't you feel enlightened?

"Well, I'm not Indian," you say, "so I won't celebrate that." Okay then, there's plenty of good ol' American holidays to fill your calendar with too.

I know you'll be crushed to learn of it, but yesterday was Chicken Boy's Day. Yeah, sorry. Don't think Hallmark makes any belated Chicken Boy's Day cards. Apparently if you're from LA you'll likely know the meaning of Chicken Boy. The only image I can conjure up is my 5-year-old's hand wrapped around a drumstick.

Yesterday also boasted the legacy of the first woman telephone operator - it was Emma M. Nutt Day. Gosh, September 1st is just full of fun.

Don't worry. You haven't missed too much. Today has a holiday of its own. Victory over Japan Day! That's a call for an ice cream cake if I ever heard of one.

I'm personally looking forward to September 5th - Be Late for Something Day. Now that's a holiday I can get behind. (pun intended)

Sure, everybody will celebrate Labor Day with a day off from work and school. But the day I personally think should require a solid day off is September 13. It's International Chocolate Day. That's right. International. That means you get to splurge on the good stuff! Hit the snooze button and pass me the bon bons, baby.

The 22nd is Elephant Appreciation Day, because evidently those giant creatures are feeling unappreciated. Huh?! I do have a word for a mother who can give birth to a 250 pound baby, but it's NOT appreciation.

I realize sometimes those dates can get lost in the busyness of our lives, so it's easier to celebrate something that lasts all month - so you can fit it in when it's convenient. I find it interesting that September is host to Shameless Promotion Month, but also Update Your Resume month. Hmmm...sounds the same to me!

It's National Prime Beef month, but also National Chicken month. Either way - a good excuse to eat out. I don't think my kids care that it is Childrens' Good Manners month. And hopefully my husband remains unaware that it is Pleasure Your Mate month.

But my personal favorite - Be Kind to Editors and Writers month - certainly warrants a balloon bouquet and maybe even a gift.

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