Monday, September 14, 2009

Terrific Twos, if you ask me!

Did you ever consider the "Terrible Twos" from a child's perspective? My little Noah isn't quite two yet - he's got a few months to go - but he is really living the life. I think it would be great if all of us could become two again.

Here are my top 10 reasons I'd like to be two again:

10) If I'm unhappy, hurt or frustrated, I will cry and scream as loud as humanly possible. No one will think I'm being unreasonable. In fact, I may even get a hug. How refreshing!

9) Throw my food. Sure, I might face some consequences, but again - no one finds it unreasonable, really. After all, I'm merely learning cause and effect.

8) At the next meal...throw my food again. Simply because no consequence can actually outweigh the thrill of seeing those peas fly.

7) Run with reckless abandon. Have you ever seen a toddler run? They run with absolutely no fear - they may fall or even slam into something, but no matter. They just pick themselves up and keep going, or...see number 10. Still win-win.

6) Pee whenever and wherever I want. Oh, the freedom.

5) I get to take a nap everyday. In fact, I can sleep for 3 hours if I want...because frankly, who's going to wake me prematurely?? Mom? Dad? Hardly!

4) Burp, pass gas, or produce any other bodily noises, yet not be accompanied by any embarrassment whatsoever.

3) Take frequent bubble baths, complete with floaty boats and squeaky toys. Bliss.

2) Giggles will occur at numerous times throughout the day, at even the simplest of gestures. Imagine finding it hilarious that someone hides their face with their hands and seconds later reappears. Oh the joy!


1) The world revolves around me. Or at least I believe it does. And that's all that really matters.

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